October 01, 2015


Beast Mode Cutoffs in Variety of Colors Coming Soon!

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September 26, 2015


How To Cut The Sleeves Off A Shirt DIY

So you have some t shirts laying around that you want to turn into cut off shirts. Now why would anyone do that you might ask, I can write a full page praising the cut off shirt, but let's just say these are the most comfortable workout tank tops, not to mention that it makes you look swole. In this DIY tutorial I will show you exactly how to do it.


Now before we get started, we'll need a few things:

  • T-Shirt. Make sure it has no side seams if you want it to look good.
  • Fabric scissors or just sharp scissors.
  • Chalk marker, or any other type of marker you have available.
  • Ruler

Lay the shirt down on a flat surface and make sure there are no creases before marking.

Note: Measurements you make depends on the size of the shirt. 

For Small and Medium sized shirts, measure 3" from the collar. Large 3.5" and X-Large 4"

When measuring from the bottom of the shirt, it's really up to you, but keep it 3-5" depending on your preference.  

Once you have those two spots marked, go ahead and make some more marks that will help guide you when you cut it. Notice the dotted line is not a straight line from one point to the other but rather curved.

Now it's time to cut. Take your time and go slow because you don't want the front and the back of the shirt move, otherwise the cut won't be even.

Once the shirt is cut, use your thumb and middle finger (picture below) to fold about half an inch and give it a light stretch a few times. Now that you have a cut off shirt, I dare you to go back to any other shirt for your workouts ;)

I recommend practicing on old shirts that you don't wear anymore, because it can be a little tricky the first time you cut it. For professionally cut sideless shirts, please check out our website.

Sizing Chart